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Participating in BPxC2track club's strength and fitness classes with Brian and Lisa has been a lot of fun and motivating and allows me to stay focused on my personal goals. My endurance and strength have increased significantly.  I have trusted the process and continue to stay engaged and am able to do strength exercises I never imagined I could do and am able to participate in races with confidence. With the added emphasis they place on Family Fitness it makes it fun for the entire family and involving younger kids shows how fun fitness can be for your overall well-being. 

Shelly W.

The best part about working with Lisa is that she is a well rounded coach. She has professional experience and formal education as a trainer, which gave me a lot of confidence in the training she put together. She is also a runner herself, who coaches state high school league and USATF teams, so she easily empathizes with the emotions and physical aspects of running. What I really enjoyed about our time working together is the constant feedback she was able to give me without having to actually watch me on my runs. I could describe what I was feeling or recall specific events and Lisa just always understood and supported me emotionally and from a training perspective (providing new ideas, tweaks, etc.). I would without a doubt highly recommend working with her for any and all goals you have!

Sibel D.

If your looking for a mentor as well as a very experienced coach Brian Jamison is your guy. When you train under Brian Jamison you not only gain a great friend but a coach that is passionate to make you stronger faster and healthier!

Chad D.

My daughter had her third cross country season this year and we saw a HUGE improvement all around.  She worked hard in the weight room and BPXC2 classes over the summer led by Lisa and Brian which were instrumental to her muscle and development all around as a runner.  They work the kids hard and have fun while doing it. Very thankful for the leadership, guidance and dedication by the Jamison team.  


Jennie W