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About Us

BPxC2 Track Club specializes in foundational strengthening of youth and adults. Foundational strength provides balanced strength within the body to help prevent injury as well as improves overall performance on the track or out on the road. In addition to our strength building, we provide conditioning, refine running technique in all foot races and create personalized plans to meet your fitness or race goals. We also provide speciality technique training in multiple track and field events to prepare you for that next big track meet.

Brian Jamison
Personal Trainer and USATF L2 Coach

Brian Jamison’s goal is to assist adults and youth in setting and achieving specific, attainable goals as they develop along their way to becoming better, stronger and healthier athletes.

Brian is a USATF L2 running coach with a specialty in endurance, steeplechase and race walking. He has over 20 years personal training experience and has been certified as a personal trainer through ISSA specializing in bodybuilding, powerlifting and endurance competition. Brian currently coaches Belle Plaine Junior High Track & Field and winter and summer BPxC2track club. Brian started his athletic journey with power lifting in college and has since redefined himself as an endurance runner pushing his physical limits competing in triathlons and high altitude trail marathons. Brian is a perfect example that any age is the perfect age to become an athlete.

Lisa Jamison

Personal Trainer and USATF L2 Coach

Lisa Jamison’s coaching goal is to build up youth and adults’ physical strength, athletic abilities and emotional fortitude to empower each individual with their own personal toolkit to reach his or her fitness/athletic goal.

Lisa is an American College of Sports Medicine Certified Personal Trainer (ACSM CPT) with 20 years training experience. Her ACSM CEC’S are concentrated in optimal heart rate training, muscle building and sports performance nutrition. She has an A.A.S Health and Exercise Science and a B.S. Psychology/Counseling. She is a USATF Level 2 running coach specializing in sprints, hurdles, starts and relays. Currently she coaches Belle Plaine High School Cross Country, Belle Plaine High School Track & Field and summer BPxC2track club. In addition to being a former sprinter/hurdler, she now is a triathlete, distance runner and multi time Boston Qualifier in the marathon.